Head of Operations



Passionate about IT & technology as a whole, with a strong IT background ranging from the early stages of education up to a PhD degree (PhD thesis: “Enterprise Application Integration”), Iulia oversees the entire implementation process of our innovative software solutions.
As per her 15 years of work experience, she`s a steady profile if it’s about software and nice opportunities of professional development, being part of SII team for about 6.5 years.

What made you take the leap and start this journey ?

It was the ambition to build a software center from scratch. With this new challenge, I`ve achieved a completely new vision linked to opportunities that the universe of technology can bring. Thus, I knew that in order to achieve great results tons of effort will be necessary, but a rewarding experience for sure will follow.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here ?

Shortly after beginning the SII journey, meaning in less than 6 months I knew I had made the right decision. Once I arrived in a fast-paced and international environment, with great career opportunities, also having the chance to get involved and make an impact by developing software solutions for customers in various industries. Thus, reflecting upon the team atmosphere, the great results we`ve achieved and our strong contribution to the business growth, I simply knew I made the right decision.

What was your best day as a FUNgineer?

Each day comes with challenges and nice moments alongside the team. However, I will always remember the day we gained our first Automotive project in Romania (and as well the evening party that foreshadowed that success, of course! ).

What challenges or setbacks did you face along the way ?

As previously mentioned, rewarding experiences come with commitment and effort. From time to time, you just need a moment for yourself to boost your energy level in order pursue your dreams. All amazing business results are linked to creativity and the positive vibes that you share with the team. So, you have some moments when the office feels like running a marathon at the Olympics, but a very shine medal awaits at the finish line.

What are you most proud of? What is your biggest accomplishment ?

I’m really proud of my teams and of all our accomplishments , also of the great atmosphere we have successfully built over time. Our last achievement this month is a new important contract and nice perspectives of evolution in the next years. Everything is made possible by creative and ambitious people that go the extra mile to pursue their goals and be the best in their domain. With such a team, you can expect only the best and that is making me very proud.

When Hobbies and Work Come Together 

Travelling, socializing and… dancing all night long, in the middle of the team. We work hard, but we also know how to throw a party to celebrate every success. Apparently, software solutions mix perfectly with salsa and rumba. Start with one line to the left, one to the right and -voila- here you have a clean code choreography. Sound’s easy, right? )

Advice for candidates

Join us with confidence. Our strong technical background will help you accelerate your career path and meet your highest ambitions. If you invest in your passion and do your best at each step, then you will see that results will come naturally. Dream big and have fun all the way.