Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant


Basketball, Personal development, Music, Fragrances

Graduate in Human Resources Management at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest. With an “eagle eye” for recognizing talent, able to tell our story to the world and act as an adviser to the remarkable people she finds, engages, and guides through the hiring process, Anca is part of the FUNgineers team since 2011. Currently, she acts as a Senior IT&C Talent Acquisition Consultant and is responsible for such activities as recruitment of IT engineers being a key player in strategic People Projects .

What made you take the leap and start this journey?

Recruitment plays a crucial role in every organization; some say it represents the heart of the company. It is responsible to centralize multiple human resources and functions. We hire the right talent for our team. Therefore, this is my passion and I get a chance to meet different people.

I can truly say it gives you more freedom in bringing the changes in the organization that you want, and you are among the first ones setting the employee engagement.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

I have always wanted to work in a technology start-up; it was one of my personal career goals and back in 2011 I could see my dream come true. Because one of my mentors shared his vision and I have followed him, now I am part of a mature organization that I value. Also, along the years, I have understood we, the recruiters, are in the position to shape the future; we are getting the chance to shape the future of the employees. We make a positive impact on people by understanding their needs.

What was your best day as a FUNgineer?

One of my best days was when I have acknowledged that we have reached 200 employees in 5 years and I have busted in the CEO’s office to tell him I reached my goal. And he asked me: “Anca, what next?” Of course, my answer was: “The best is yet to come!” . And, voilà, we are now over 350 FUNgineers.

What challenges or setbacks did you face along the way ?

For me, the challenge is translated into staying engaged and motivated even if you are dealing with some difficult tasks and trying to develop the ability to be creative in a stressful situation. Nowadays, the recruitment market represents a real challenge.

I am aware that setbacks and disappointment can create self-doubt, therefore I have to manage my internal thoughts so I stay focused on the future and what I can do next. After all, a setback is a setup for a comeback 

What are you most proud of? What is your biggest accomplishment ?

I am very honored for being part of a continuously growing organization with a great culture and positive vibes every day. Getting this job done really reminded me how much I enjoy a well-organized environment and I’m proud to say that I am part of a great team.

When Hobbies and Work Come Together 

It is commonly known that everyone is talking about work-life balance. So, I always have one of my beloved quotes: “Mens sana in corpore sano” which translates into “A healthy mind in a healthy body” referring to a desirable state of being, a state of mind and body that one should strive toward. A good equilibrium between one’s personal and professional life will have the best outcomes.

Like most people, I do have a set of hobbies that keep me active and help me have the balance. Among these I can say basketball, personal development and music are among my favorites. I am also a Fragrance Connoisseur and act as a “part-time consultant” for my colleagues wanted to learn more about the world of perfumes 

Advice for candidates

I do have some guidance for the future candidates  They have to show:

  • Commitment – If they have decided to approach us or we have approached them and they are interested in our roles.
  • Communication – This is crucial to any relationship and is clearly two–ways.
  • Honesty – We can be good at influencing people to be interested in roles but we do not want to waste our clients’ time or yours so please be honest, if a role is not paying enough interest just let us know sooner rather than later – we will not fall out with you and will just try harder to find the perfect role. We will be honest too, with interview feedback, good or bad and with advice on presentation, CV writing, and interview techniques.

The examples might go on but this we let it be discovered when you apply for one of our super roles!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

 #FUNgineers Squad rocks! May we all keep our ability to take up new challenges and learn every day in our common effort to exceed our customers’ expectations and expand the frontiers of technology innovation.