HR Officer



Part of our team for more than 5 years, Adelina plays an essential role within our HR Department and HelpDesk service by being the right person at the right time for all of our colleagues. Her strong social skills developed as a Journalism and Philosophy graduate are followed by a strong passion for technology, dreaming that one day she will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe.

What made you take the leap and start this journey ?

I always like to dream big when it comes to the things that I want to happen in my life. Taking the leap in the IT industry represented an important step towards all the curiosities I have linked to space exploration. I imagine myself that one day I will have the opportunity to explore the universe, but I am aware that first we must enable the universe of technology in order to answer one of the most important questions of mankind.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here ?

I knew I made the right decision shortly after I saw that I am surrounded by open-minded and very ambitious colleagues. There are many things that we can learn from each another and that’s very important to me. Also, even during complex situations for sure there will be someone with the recipe for a good laughter and things suddenly appear to be easier than I imagined.

What was your best day as a FUNgineer?

My best day as a fungineer… let’s see. There are many great memories, but the best was when we had a “scary movie night” at the office on a Halloween Day, obviously with a lot of fun, popcorn and pumpkin pies. I will keep for another interview the fact that for a couple of days I jumped from my seat every time the phone was ringing.

What comes in your mind when you think of the best moment with the team?

It would be pretty difficult to name just one. There are lots of them, but I can tell you that we feel incredible every time we win a project. We realize the power we have when working together. This cool energy it not from being part of a team with individuals that just know from A to Z what needs to be technically done, but from experiencing creative ideas that always keeps your motivation high.

What are the secret ingredients for the great results you achieved so far?

The fact that things are always changing and I find myself in the position of finding new ways to manage my activity more efficiently. But again, things get easier when you have around people that share the same passions and vision. If you stay connected you have a better understanding of how your role can have a positive impact in our overall activity. Communication is the key to success.

How was your activity during this complex period, taking into consideration that you also play a key role in our HelpDesk service?

The HelpDesk service plays an important role in managing all the administrative requests received from our colleagues. Being trough a completely new and complex scenario, I was expecting a huge increase in the number of e-mails and phone calls we received, but it appears that our solid IT infrastructure performed very well during this period and we managed to offer a fast reply to every request.

When Hobbies and Work Come Together 

Music, after all I’m the DJ at our premises . On almost the entire floor you feel like in a 365 days music festival. The difference is that we have smaller speakers, but I guarantee that the vibe is pretty similar. Tickets are not available online, but you will receive full access if you decide to make and important step in your career and join our team.

Advice for candidates

You will find a team that will always support your high ambitions, but also great people with whom you will have a lot of fun. Just relax and enjoy the ride with us.